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Dust Buildup Can Be Seriously Hazardous

Dust accumulation behind furniture can lead to health risks, electrical damages, and even fires.

Build up of dust in certain places is highly dangerous and it collects around surfaces that we don’t often see. A lot of extension cords, power outlets, and strip plugs are usually located behind beds, desks, and other large pieces of furniture to hide them away. While it’s normal to have some dust accumulation, having a thick layer on your appliance plugs isn’t. This and other materials can combine and form combustible dust which is the cause of most electric fires. This dust can also attract bed bugs and other critters to live in the plug holes in your walls and lead to even more internal wire failure.

To avoid this, follow these simple tips to stay on top of dust buildup behind your larger pieces of furniture.

  • Pull out power cord strips out to wipe the layers of dust off.

  • Every month or two, pull away furniture to remove any trash, dust, and any other pieces of life that fall behind.

  • Always make sure your cords aren’t too tangled together. Friction and too much wear and tear can add to the risk of fires starting.

We recently cleaned a house facing this issue behind a bed; now it’s thankfully cleaned!

Hopefully these simple tips can save you some peace of mind knowing your home is less at risk of fire damage by simply cleaning the dust off your power outlets. Happy cleaning! - Do you need me? Cleaning Professionals

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