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How My Father Helped My Business Grow

On Father's Day we honor our husbands and fathers, showing them our appreciation for who they are.

I owe my entrepreneur abilities to my father. For 63 years he has been in the automobile business where I learned skills from him such as honesty, caring about those that surround you in your business, and being sincere in your work. That is our culture at DYNM, to nurture our clients and employees as if they were family.

Dad taught me to be patient and listen when a client or an employee needed my help to solve a problem. He also taught me to be grateful for each and every communication, as everyone is an important lifeline of the business. He told me to always appreciate our clients and make them feel special, while rewarding the hard work from the employees, who arrive at the office with smiling faces.

My husband, Tom Rawcliffe, has also been a large part of our success. His experience as a CIO has helped DYNM in many ways, taking the role of cleaner, operations manager, vacuum repairer, and confidant. He taught me to learn from the negative and appreciate the positive aspects of being in business. His calm, engineer’s approach to problem solving taught me to slow down and look at every negative as an opportunity to do better.

Thank you both for all the love and guidance over the years to help Do you need me? blossom into the business that it is today. I love you both so much!

- Renee

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